7 Day Dance Floor Crash Course – For Beginners

This is the easiest and fastest way to move from a shy and indifferent person

to being “dance floor ready”


watch this video to learn more about this course

Learn how to dance, no matter where you are,

at a club with your friends, at a wedding with your family, at a party



You don’t want to show up at the party and you’re the only one avoiding the dance floor, but also you don’t want to make a total fool out of your self
If a girl starts dancing up on you at the club, you would have no clue what to do!

How do you gain some confidence?

Have fun and not care so much about what others think of you.
you find dancing super-natural and embarrassing.
you’re sick and tired of being the guy standing in the back of the room all night clutching a drink looking like a creep.
the thing is most of these guys have tried to learn dance in the past but their attempts always end up with a failure.
it turns out these are the things that usually happen:

A- They try to mimic people that seem to have the move down but they end up doing something completely different, and totally butchering the moves.

B- They try taking a dance class at a studio but they find out that the Mooseheart are simply not suitable for a casual night out. It’s either that they learn some ridiculous hip-hop routine that’s way too intense or they learn ballroom dance styles that are way too formal or they stumble into a contemporary dance class and find that the move taught are uncomfortably feminine.

lastly, sometimes they search up instructional videos online but they find that with dance teachers teach through video they always skip over the basics which makes their directions impossible to follow.

and because of their failed attempts at learning how to dance, these guys believe that they have some sort of dance floor dysfunction disease.
they get frustrated and stop trying, and this least they’re missing out on countless opportunities to have fun, socialize, connect with ladies and make new friends. which is a real shame if you think about it.


Hi Brian,
Thanks for getting back to me, I have used the link you sent and managed to access your course, thank you, From what I’ve seen so far I feel it’s going to be a winner, baby steps are the way to go. Just the thought of being able to go dancing and have some fun with my wife makes me want to cry with joy. So you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. Well done. I think what your doing is very worth, It looks good. you do it well, keep on doing it.

Here is what you’ll get:

– 7 modules of videos (3+ hours of instruction)
– Introduction video that explains how to use the course
– “The secret to learning to dance” training video
– Rhythm training exercises for developing rhythm
– Club Dance FAQ Bonus (7 videos)
– Footwork Starter Kit Bonus (10 videos)
– New Dancer’s FAQ Bonus (6 videos)


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