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Several American and Canadian scientific studies have shown that tango has therapeutic benefits for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Tango promotes balance and stability.

Argentinian dance known around the world, the tango is a great way to find an activity for two while having fun Between sensuality and musicality, learning tango is done at any level of dance.

History of tango, dance workshop, dance classes, posture, discover all you need to know about how to dance tango in this article.

The different styles of Argentine tango Dancing:

Here is an extraordinary presentation of how the diverse styles of Tango advanced after some time and with it the systems and steps utilized in this dance move.

How to dance the Argentine Tango to music

In this video you will figure out how to count the Tango. When you locate the down beat of the music you will have the capacity to utilize distinctive timings to make slower or quicker developments. Watch the exercise underneath


Argentine Tango dance lessons

The basic step – Tango 8-Step Basic video lesson:

Here is another video instructional exercise that demonstrates the means plainly. The man’s and woman’s means are indicate exclusively before assembling them.

Here are some Leading and tips you need to know about Argentine Tango dance

Learning diverse Tango moves is simply a large portion of the fight. You additionally need to see how to lead and take after your accomplice. Argentine Tango is an exceptionally social move that is for the most part hit the dance floor with the man starting the moves and the women following his moves. The man needs to demonstrate the moves from his body by pushing or pulling with his entire edge (not arms). Also, the women need to react to the pioneers lead and set up their means ahead of time.

Learn how to dance Argentine tango with a partner

The best way to learn to dance tango is to practice.

A rule that works for any type of dance (dancehall, salsa, merengue, bachata, rumba, rock, swing, zumba, kizomba, mambo, clappers, oriental dance, rock n roll, flamenco, modern jazz, classical dance, African dance, etc.) but especially for couples dancing.

Indeed, do not hesitate to dance with a person with a better level than you, it can only help you to learn the good steps.

I have had several opportunities to dance with men who know Tango well. It is then much easier to be guided, and the steps come alone.

But we must not be afraid of error. As I tell you, tango is a dance of impro, if you make a mistake no one will see it!

If you start tango classes as a couple and you are both beginners, the bad news is that you will not progress quickly if you do not detach a little at first.

It is better to learn the basics separately and then progress together.

But where to go to learn to dance the tango in love?

You can go to a dance school to see what kind of lessons they can offer (dance classes, private lessons, group lessons, weekly classes, intensive classes, etc.).

Registrations are made at the beginning of the year, so you must wait until the next year if it is already too late.

You can also turn to private lessons. This way of learning dance is beneficial for sticking to your two schedules.

In addition you will not need to “lend” your half to another dancer. The particular dance teacher will know how to guide you and will be attentive to your progress.

It is also quite possible to learn to dance alone in your living room or in your room. You can then use tutorials on the internet, dance DVDs or books on tango.

This technique may seem practical and thrifty but the tango requires some guidance at the start not to go wrong.

One of the best solutions is to participate in tango nights in milonga. As for salsa parties, this kind of evening often offers free dance classes before the evening begins.

This can be an opportunity to learn the basics and then train directly on the track.

And why not go to Argentina? Of course you have to fill the wallet before. However, this is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture of tango and all its history while enjoying some empanadas.

Dancing Argentine tango with tango classes, tango workshops or test classes will take you into the world of ballroom dancing to become tango dancers.

Why take tango classes for two (with a partner)?

Why take tango classes with his dear and tender rather than alone? Because taking classes at two can sometimes be complicated. We must find time, a time slot for both, we can quickly give up the idea.

But the tango is very beneficial for a couple. It strengthens the bonds between two lovers.

Indeed, the tango requires a lot of listening and communication without necessarily having to talk. It’s more about body expression. The two partners must be on the same wavelength to succeed in their dance.

This is the reason why all the dancers do not agree on the track, we often have preferences and people with whom we like to dance.

Both partners learn to listen and communicate with gestures, a very useful exercise in any couple.

Moreover tango is a sensual dance, which can only revive the flame if necessary. Tango is often danced in beautiful attire, whether for women or for men. Do not hesitate to put yourself on your 31.

And enjoying a moment to two never hurts.

If you are more traditional, you can also learn to dance the waltz.

Benefits of Tango Dancing

Dance is a great emotional healer. The music alone can help soothe, excite or inspire you. Once you begin moving to the music you’ll start to release tension and stress, your focus will be drawn away from your problems, and if you allow yourself to become absorbed in the experience, you will smile, laugh and really enjoy it.

Dancing could act as an escape from the real world and be a very personal, therapeutic activity. Some styles of dance allow you to express your thoughts and feelings through movement. If you don’t want to talk or write about your feelings, dance them. Movements can be used to tell a story, redirect and exert negative, positive and emotional energy, share feelings, calm and relax you, or excite and inspire you.

For those looking to break some barriers, dance is a great way to find and get to know other people. It is also a great way to find and get to know yourself. How? By involving yourself in the world of dance can help you grow as a person physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

Dancing tests your body in many ways: coordination, strength, stamina, balance, stress response, and response to relaxation. Over time, you will learn a lot about how your body responds to different exercises and situations and you will learn how to train and condition your body to react certain ways. You’ll also become very familiar with your body’s natural limitations. You can push yourself, but it is very important to respect these limitations and take care of your body.

Dance can also be used to help break mental and emotional barriers. Chances are that those “barriers” are also reflected in other areas of life. If you focus on breaking your “dance barriers”, once you succeed, you will have broken barriers in many other parts of your life. Some say that the best way to overcome your fears is to face them, so why not use something fun like dance to make those mental/ emotional breakthroughs.

Social growth occurs naturally… the more involved you get with dance or any activity for that matter, the more people you meet and befriend. The unique thing about dance is that it is very often done with a partner. Certain styles of dance are meant for two (like tango). The nice thing about dancing with a partner is that you learn to communicate and compromise. You can’t just focus on or worry about yourself, you need to be aware of your partner, and potentially other couples around you. Both partners are responsible for meshing their skills and communicating in order to have a nice, enjoyable dance together. In addition, you learn a lot about other people, like it’s really not so bad to ask somebody to dance or smile and laugh with them, and it’s fun to dance with people who have different styles.

The best part is all the fun of the social dancing atmosphere. So whether you’re looking to meet new people or expand your social etiquette, dance and dance and dance.

Argentine Tango helps heal neurological disorders, benefits overall health. In talking about the health benefits of tango dance, we say: “When students dance the tango, they relax, lose weight, improve strength, and increase longevity.” Additional benefits are even more immediate. “Tango makes people feel sexier and less depressed.”

We encourage couples to get involved in Tango “as a weekly date night with a purpose.”

When we produce some charitable and festive events, we also remind people about some great health benefits Tango and other dances offer.

Tango dance can function as a form of couple’s therapy, enhancing the relationship through subtle physical, spiritual and emotional communication between partners, which tango gives. Tango brings more appreciation for life and deep awareness for the present moment. It teaches how to listen to each other, how to be patient and stable.

Research confirms that authentic Argentine Tango dance lessons help heal neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, improving both physical and neurological health, and increase testosterone levels.

Tango helps followers to learn how to be quiet, to have deeper sensitivity and ability to surrender. It is a healer, an escape, a source of encouragement, an act of happiness. Every person will get something different out of his experience, and have that to grow on and share with others. Leaders learn how to be active thinkers: fast, artistic and resourceful creators and initiators.

Tango makes life more inspiring and meaningful. It fills every day with more joy and energy, and brings more stimulation. It helps to develop more control over life and balance it. Tango is the most challenging concentration of the mind. And it gives you a lot of pleasure and fun when you advance it to the freedom of creativity and artistic power (a great task for some strong personalities).

Essential Tango Orchestras

For good dancers it is important to learn more about the Essential Tango Orchestras.

Lucia DeMare, Rudolfo Biagi, Enrique Rodriguez, Francini Pontier, Osvaldo Fresedo, Jose Baso, Hector Varela, Mariano Mores, Los Tubatango, Francisco Lomuto, Julio DeCaro, Edgardo Donato, Florindo Sassone, Alfredo Gobbi, Leopoldo Federeco, Donato Racciatti, Roberto Firpo, Horacio Salgan.

Ten Big Orchestras

Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos DiSarli, Juan D’Arienzo, Miguel Calo, Francisco Canaro, Ricardo Tanturi, Anibal Troilo, D Agostino/ Vargas, Pedro Laurenz, Alfredo DeAngelis


Astor Piazzolla

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