Learn how to Breakdance for beginners

In this article, you will learn how to dance breakdance with our free video lessons and tips. It’s highly recommended to watch it in order as we put it.

You can easily master breakdancing if you are passionate about it. so follow these videos and learn more how to dance breakdance.

Beginner breakdance moves videos:

1# Breakdance move lesson: 3 step

The 3 step is a standout amongst the most famous amateur breakdance moves. It comprises of 3 stages that are done around. In this move you will begin with one leg stretched out before you and afterward will switch the legs as quick as you can so the other leg is reached out, from that point you bring the leg side where you wind up in a sort of push up position. Figure out how to match up the arm switches with your leg switches.

2# Breakdance move lesson: Corkscrew Up:

This is another cool move. The corkscrew up is ideal for when you have to get up from the beginning a “cool” and smooth way. You can do this proceed onward it’s own or from some other mix of moves. Here you will create quality and adjust as you push off the floor to turn upwards and around.

3# Breakdance move lesson: The baby freeze

In this video, we will teach you how to do the baby freeze breakdance move. Stops in Breakdancing are intended to attract thoughtfulness regarding the artist and are normally placed in toward the finish of some footwork blend like the 3-venture above! The infant solidify is awesome to begin with since its little. Regardless it requires bunches of coordination and practice so take it gradually and ensure you don’t skip anything.

The 5 tips from professionals to start in breakdance

1) Know the history of the breakdance

“The breakdance is a philosophy,” said Lilou, double world champion break. This discipline has a history, that of the Bronx in the 70s, martial arts, the beginnings of hip-hop, the pioneers … Bases that promote the understanding of the discipline. To be found in the documentary series BBoys- A history of the breakdance on Creative Arte or looking at the classic Make love the angels, dated 1996.

2) Be well surrounded

Mounir, one of the best French b-boys (as we call them), advises taking classes with a teacher to start. “You can also start with online lessons on the internet, it’s still difficult to train alone. There is a risk of injury if you do not take the time to study the movements, “he warns. A neighborhood class or a classroom class, a group class or a private class, it does not matter as long as the state of mind is good. “The important thing is to feel good in a group to learn.”

3) Learn the basic movements

“You can not learn to run without having walked before. In breakdance, it’s the same, “warns Lilou. On the program of bases to know, top rock (standing dance), freeze (static figures), footwork (footwork) … These expressions are part of the vocabulary of any good b-boy/b-girl. Once these movements are mastered, the highway of the break will lead you towards more complex movements.

4) Know your body’s abilities

Breakdance is a very physical and technical sport, which requires joints and muscles. Each breaker advances according to its strengths. Those who are flexible and those who have an innate strength evolve differently … And above all, do not force things. “I had been doing kung fu for a long time so I already had a solid foundation. But there are things that I do not do and I know I’ll never do them, like the tendrils, “Lilou admits. “We can not perform well on everything. It can take time to find your own style. ”

5) Have patience

Mastering breakdance takes time. “You do not get a small level after a few weeks,” Mounir says it takes two years to develop interesting moves. “As in school, work at home is essential,” he recalls. And in moments of doubt, when a movement escapes us, “we must never give up because it always ends up happening,” he smiles.

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