Guajira dance style

History of Guajira Guajira is a musical style native to Cuba, rooted in Spanish folklore and the Canary Islands. The lyrics of the Guajira are characterized by their stanza composition of 10 octosyllabic verses. Unlike other Cuban dances such as […]

Mambo dance style

History of Mambo The Mambo is a Cuban musical style that was created in the 1930s and made popular in Havana by musicians Cachao, Dámaso Pérez Prado, José Curbelo and Benny Moré. Derived from Cuban Sound and Montuno Sound, the […]

Salsa dance style

History of Salsa In the 1960s a wave of rhythms from Cuba fused with jazz and gave birth to Salsa, considered by many as the queen of Latin dances. Like most music of Caribbean origin, congas, bongos and timbales will […]

Bolero dance style

History of Bolero The Bolero is a musical genre that was born in Cuba, inheriting the rhythms introduced by settlers arriving from Spain who merged with those of African slaves. The Spanish Bolero dates back to the end of the […]

Samba dance style

History of Samba When we think of Brazil, three things immediately come to mind: football, Rio Carnival and Samba. Samba is the national dance of Brazil. Its lively rhythm is the symbol of the festival, the exuberance of the Carnival […]

Bachata dance style

History of Bachata Bachata is a musical genre that was born in the 1960s in the Dominican Republic, from its origins in the Bolero that had spread in the Latin American world since the 1920s. Synonymous with festivities, entertainments and […]

Cumbia dance style

History of Cumbia Cumbia is a musical style from Colombia and Panama that has spread to other Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina. The dance is a synthesis of the rhythms inherited from […]

Types of Ballroom dance styles

Latin dances (ballroom) are the dances of the ancient Spanish and Portuguese colonies of the South American continent. To these territories are added the Hispanic Antilles (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti …). Unlike standard dances, Latin dances also offer more freedom: […]