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Learn How To Teach Salsa dance

The different teaching styles There are teaching 3 styles you can use to teach salsa dance: Each style has advantages and disadvantages. Your Personality It is important to be true to your own personality when teaching. This will enthuse your […]

Understand the base of salsa music

The Clave The importance of the clave rhythm is crucial in salsa so a detailed depiction of it will be provided. Only the most dedicated salsa teachers will implement clave training to their students. This demonstrates not only good timing […]

The Full History of Salsa

Through war, colonization and the fusion of European and African cultures, salsa dance and music developed. The following is a brief explanation of how dance that originated with English Country dance migrated across Europe and finally arrived in the Caribbean. […]

The Sultry Salsa Music Styles

Hearing the first bar of that rhythmic, sexy, sultry Salsa song inspires throngs of normally sober and calm non-Latinos to get up on the dance floor and shake their hips to the beat of the drums. Salsa music is characterized […]

The Benefits of Salsa

It’s no secret that dancing (salsa) is an incredible way to have fun and get those endorphins running, therefore, brightening your day. It’s an excellent hobby that can transform your life and your daily outlook. Moreover, experts from top hospitals […]

The Origins of Salsa Dance

Salsa resulted from the long musical evolution of Latin rhythms. It is also a diverse dance style that combines many different cultural varieties. Salsa is one of the most popular and well-loved dance styles in the world but where it […]

How to dance salsa – video course

Salsa is a couple dance that is relatively easy to learn. This Latin dance is generally easier to assimilate than cha-cha, kizomba or tango but requires a little more basics than merengue or bachata. It is an activity open to […]