Easy Club Dance Moves For Guys You Should Learn

Dancing and the ability to control the muscles and movements of the body may be a talent for some people, but this does not mean that the art of dance is limited to specific people and no one else can learn. Dancing is an exercise and continuous training before it is talent, so anyone can become a skilled dancer As long as he wants to, today we will give you some tips to help you learn what type of dance you want. So in this article you will learn and descover club dance moves that will make you looks like an expert.

These free easy dance moves are from “7 day dance floor crash course

Learn how to dance to become a skilled dancer

If you look at the world’s most famous and talented dancers, you will find that each of them specializes in one type of dance. The dance classes are very different from one to another. Most of them are related to the civilizations and traditions of the people. For example, Eastern dancing is different from Indian dance. First, define one thing you feel represents you and fits your character so you can enjoy it.

After you learn the basic steps of dancing, leave yourself to snoop with music and create your own movements, do not try to imitate anyone become a moving version of it no more, try to find your own style and movements, let the music flow in every part of your body.

How To Dance in A Club – For Men & Women (Videos and tips)

How To Dance in A Club – For Men & Women (Videos and tips)

Check these 3 simple moves

Club dance Moves #1: Step touch variation

In this video lesson, you will learn how to spice up the classic “step touch” dance move.
You will be rotating the body and stepping back instead of together. Enjoy:


Club dance moves #2: The swing bounce

This dance move combines “sway” and “bounce”. You will learn how to make these basic dance moves looks groovy and natural.


Club lesson #3: How to approach girls and not get rejected!

There is no doubt that most people here in order to learn how to get close to a girl while dancing, in this video you will learn the movements of dance suitable to get close to any girl, Braint will share with you his secrets of how to avoid getting rejected.

Tips (8 mistakes to avoid)

Not going to dance:

Take courage with both hands and go on the dancefloor.

A man leaning on a bar, watching the time pass is far from seductive.

Getting drunk to go dancing:

“You are afraid to go dancing? well go get drunk and it will be better! “. Have you heard that before? Above all, do not listen, unless your goal is to go for the clown of the evening.

Do not assume his dance -> unfinished movement:

You’ve just arrived on the dance floor, it’s time for you to dance.

“What must I do with my feet? with my arms? my hands? “. Asking too many questions is not good!

“I’m afraid my movements are ridiculous! “. This is the kind of thinking that will stop you. When you start a movement go to the end, it’s much better than having your arms blocked because you do not dare to make a wide movement …

In short, do not be afraid to occupy space.

Tap the rhythm with your feet like Étienne Daho:

Repeat after me: “I will not pass the beat with my foot”! The height would be to do like Etienne Daho who sometimes enchains the heartbeat with the right foot and then with the left foot!

Dancing with a friend (except the wing girl):

Dance is a kind of competition! You are a product … of great value! How do you want the girls to see if you dance with your friends just to give you courage? Nothing more counterproductive …

There is always the exception of the wing girl! Dancing with a girl (especially if she is pretty) gives you an inaccessible side in the eyes of other women of the evening.

A guy who seems unattainable becomes more attractive, you know that. With a wing girl, women will have the feeling that you are already caught or that there is competition: So, It’s good!

Do not move the basin:

Why is the basin shot important? It’s for the reference to sex!

For women, a man who has a good shot of pool is potentially a good sexual partner, even if sometimes it can prove to be false …

Not having good energy:

On track it’s not time to sleep! Tired? So the best you can do is go to bed! It’s the same if you had a bad day! We do not depress on the dancefloor!

Making memes:

Dancing does not mean imitating a movement of everyday life!

The dance of attractive men

State of mind:

I go to the dance floor to relax and have a good time. Then I show that I am a person who likes to have fun and relax!

I observe others:

Even in the dance, the observation is very important! Watch others dance, it will allow you to see some mistakes to avoid. And sometimes to learn some dance steps, which is always useful!

Bring the target to dance:

Take the hand and tell him simply: “Come on” and take her on the dancefloor. Simplicity is always very effective.

In case she does not want, start with an outframing. That of Playboy is very good:

She: “I do not want (or I do not know) to dance.”
You: “It’s good nobody looks at you”.

She still shows reluctance? Go dancing without her! You respect the state of mind.

I watch how my partner dances:

The woman who was totally unknown to you in the early evening is now on the dance floor, with you!

Observe her movements, her posture! It is not a question of imitating her but of being in osmosis with her. Adapt yourself to these movements, so that your dance is harmonious.