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SECTION 1Introduction to course (1 video)

​SECTION 2Pole Dancing for Beginners (34 videos)

SECTION 3Contemporary Pole Movement (29 videos)

SECTION 4Tricks and Trick Combos (21 videos)

SECTION 5Strength and Flexibility Conditioning (2 videos)

SECTION 6Chinese Pole with Steve Gale (18 videos)

SECTION 7Chinese Pole with Jacob ‘Kujo’ Lyons (10 videos)

What Our Students Are Saying:

I really enjoyed the video lesson. so many info, tips, and tricks. watching and practice made feel now a professional pole dancer!Thanks.


I was totally confused and I didn’t know where and how to start, but once I got the complete pole dance course, I felt that I’m ready to learn and practice. these videos are amazing and easy to follow for bigenners.


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