The History of Pole Dance

Pole dance has a varied and interesting history so here are some major events from the past, which helped shape pole dance into what it is today.

Writings from as far back as the 12th Century show how women took part in ‘fertility’ dances using a vertical wooden pole to attract a partner. At the same time in history a very famous version of pole sport took place known as Chinese Pole. In China, men would perform acrobatic tricks using vertical poles placed very close to one another. These men would perform dips, climbs and many tricks to entertain a crowd.

Pole dance takes place in India too. Indian pole sport, called Mallakhamba, was originally designed for wrestlers to build strength. Later on, competitions were held for pole sport involving men creating and performing sequences on thick poles.

So far, you can see that pole sport has strong roots all over the world and was traditionally performed mainly by men!

In the 1920’s travelling circus artists incorporated circus tent poles to perform moves and impress their audiences. Twenty years later, poles emerged in the burlesque world and ladies would use the pole as a prop to express their sexuality. This continues in modern day society in dance clubs all over the world.

A major breakthrough for pole dance happened in the 1990’s when Canadian exotic dancer Fawnia Mondey introduced poles into the fitness world so more women could try pole dance for themselves. Today, women, men and children can take part in pole fitness up to an athletic standard.


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