How To Dance With A Girl At A Party Or Club (Videos)

Dancing with a girl at a club or party: 2 effective approaches

In the lines that follow, you will discover 2 effective approaches to dance with a girl in a club or party.

Because maybe like 90% of the guys who go out in a club, you sometimes do not know how to go about approaching a girl on the dance floor and dancing with her …

We will see together how to stand out with two simple approaches which will allow you to approach the unknowns seductively on the dancefloor and then dance with them.

1. Approach the girl by complimenting her on an element of her style

You will approach the girl that interests you by complimenting on an element of her style: clothing, jewelry, hairstyle, makeup.

Remember that you have to compliment her on her look and not on her physique. No compliment on her beauty or her body. Banish the “You are beautiful”, “You are pretty”, “You are charming”.

You have to ban this kind of compliments for 2 reasons:

  1. By complimenting her on her physique, you give the impression that you are interested only in her physique, and not in her personality.
  2. We can make this compliment to all girls, it is not unique. Women like to feel unique.

So you understand it: no compliment on the physical. But a compliment on the style.

For example :

  • “I like your top” “You’re the only one wearing this tonight. “
  • “I really like your shoes”
  • “Your hairstyle is amazing”
  • “I like your earrings”

2. Inviting her to dance

Once you’ve complimented her, she’ll probably say thank you with a big smile.

If you are inspired, you can start a little discussion with her. But I often prefer to take her hand and dance with her right after. (dance with a girl in a club or party)

Move #1: Cyclone Move

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Dancing with a girl in a club with the Hand approach

You’re probably wondering what it’s all about …

He is sober but terribly efficient.

It is about approaching the girl you want to dance with and taking her hand confidently and with the look that goes with it.

Then follow on the dance.

Quite simply.

Maybe this approach seems a little daring or a joke. But I can guarantee you that it is an impressive efficiency.

If the girl is interested, she will dance with you. And she will be all the more attracted that you will have shown him that you have balls.

With a little training and good self-confidence, you’ll get well over 50% success with this technique.

I do not have the habit of calculating my ratio, but I am sure I have already exceeded 80% at some nights in a box.

(dance with a girl in a club or party)

How to dance with a girl if the approach does not pass?

You may be wondering what to do if the girl refuses to dance …?

Well, if the stranger you just mentioned declines your invitation, that does not mean that it’s dead, far from it!

Several times I managed to dance and kiss (and more if affinities) girls who had first said no. How?

By rebounding effectively. By teasing them and using my humor.

If the girl declines your invitation, tease her a bit by telling her something like:
“Oh yeah, you’re an individual, you;)”
or “Oh it’s cute you do not want to leave your girlfriends alone …” always with a small smile.

Then try again after or at another time of the evening.

Keep in mind that girls often “reject” you for testing. To see if you will have the balls to persist or if you will give up at the first hurdle.
Some also do this to protect their reputation and not to be easy girls in front of their girlfriends (or in front of you).

(dance with a girl in a club or party)

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