Learn Line dance step by step online

What is Line dance?

To be able to quickly learn dancing and have fun I suggest you start by learning some simple dances, made especially for beginners and learn to do some basic steps that will improve your dancing skills such as line dance.

Line dance is one of the simplest dance moves you can learn, It’s one of the most fun county dances, and you can dance it everywhere, It doesn’t need a specific place or dance floor to practice.

Line dance is practiced in groups and dancers learn choreographies so that they can dance together … But it is also possible that there are several dances on the same music, in this case, we share the track in different groups.

In line dance, the choreographers choose a music that inspires them and writes a choreography that is adapted to the rhythm, the tempo, the style of this music.

At first, it’s a bit scary to see that there are so many choreographies. You have to start with simple dances and learn the basic steps (and if possible remember their name) because you will then find them in other choreographies and you will know them already.

Line dancing Lessons – Mini video series

1# First move: The cupid shuffle move

This move is one of the easiest line dance moves you can learn, It begins with 8 counts of side steps to the right as you see in the video, with the last step being a touch.

Then repeat the same 8 counts to the other side (left).

2# Second move: The wobble line dance move

You may be seen the wobble dance at a wedding or at a club, and it’s done with a song called wobble, It’s more the hip-hop song. but it is incredibly popular in the line dance right now in the country bars all across the United States.

3# Third move: The cowboy boogie

Line dance tips for getting better

1. Line dance isn’t hard when you can consider the whole movement you do it. Every single step, hip development, or wobble must be planned to the music.

2. Recognize a “step” and a “touch”. A step is the point at which you change your weight on the foot and a touch is the point at which you don’t change the weight on the foot. touches are generally used to switch headings so ensure you know when its a touch versus a stage.

3. The enchantment is in the middle of the steps. While the steps and the counts are set, the manner in which you move in the middle of is what matters. Put your own style into the steps. You can do a wide range of things with your hips, upper middle and arms to emerge.

Watch this Line dance survival guide

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