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Quality tap move exercises particularly for amateurs

Would you like to have the capacity to tap move to any music effortlessly?

Figuring out how to tap can take quite a while in the event that you don't have the correct guideline. While there are many free assets out there, a large portion of the online instructional exercises are not organized to encourage individuals how to tap move from the earliest starting point. More often than not the exercises are put together in an irregular way with no kind of association.

Beginners need step by step instruction

That is the reason we made the tap move beginners course.

It is organized in light of the BEGINNER and gives all that you have to ace tap moving.

You will take in each tap step independently. First your teacher indicates what the move looks like and afterward he separates it to ensure you can get it. There are loads of procedure tips given for each move to enable you to create coordination, adjust and musicality.

Best of all, it is super simple to take after along and you can take in at your own pace from your home at whenever.


Suppose you can:

– Feel certain tap moving anyplace.

– Dance to any melody.

– Impress your companions with cool tap moves.

– Tone your body while tap moving.

– Improve your stance and adjust.

– Learn Tap moves at the protection of your home.

– Learn at your own pace well ordered.

– Develop tap move strategy



The complete beginner Tap course

The entire Tap dance course includes:


37 Tap dance steps (12 hours of video)
You will learn 37 different tap steps, and put them together into 14 different combinations. You’ll even get practice with ear training and dynamics.


Tap dance workout video (24 minutes)
Tap dancing makes a great exercise. Watch how your legs, abs and arms get toned after just a few sessions of the workout video.


Music from all the lessons (3 albums)
Get tap dance music too! This is the same music that plays in all of the lessons. You will be able to practice with them anywhere you wish.


Complete beginner routine
Learn how to combine beginner tap moves together in a combination that will challenge you with foot coordination, rhythm, arms and styling.

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Guide #1: Choosing the best Tap studio for your personal situation – What to look for on the studio’s website to make sure it’s right for you.
Guide #2: How to find the right Tap shoes for you – Find out the advantages and disadvantages of different types of shoes.
Guide #3: How to find the best dance floor to practice your Tap dancing – Get the scoop on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of dance floors.

Course Outline (Steps covered):

#1. Toes
#2. Heels
#3. Toe Toe Heel Heel
#4. Stamp
#5. Stomp
#6. Step
#7. Touch
#8. Toe (Tip)
#9. Dig
#10. Step Heel
#11. Dig Toe
#12. Dig Toe Step Heel
#13. Hop
#14. Jump
#15. Chug
#16. Brush
#17. Flap
#18. Flap Heel
#19. Flap Ball Change
#20. Spank
#21. Spank Step
#22. Spank Step Heel
#23. Spank Step Ball Change
#24. Shuffle
#25. Shuffle Step
#26. Shuffle Ball Change
#27. Buffalo
#28. Cramp Roll
#29. Irish
#30. Maxie Ford
#31. Waltz Clog
#32. Heel Stand
#33. Step Heel Turn
#34. Flap Heel Turn
#35. Slide
#36. Clunk
#37. Leap

Other concepts covered:

– Executing Multiples
– Swing Rhythms
– Syncopation

All material is taught by professional tap teacher and choreographer Rod Howell. Rod makes tap dancing easy and fun.

What our Students say:

In my town, tap classes for adult beginners are rare. Fortunately, I scoured the Internet and discovered the your website. After looking through some of the sample tap step instructions and discovering how easy, affordable and convenient learning these steps could be in my own home, I purchased the entire download. I ordered a pair of tap shoes, purchased a 4×4 piece of plywood at a local hardware store, and voila! I am now learning to tap at my own speed and convenience. It is fun, a great alternative approach/addition to a fitness routine, and the sound of taps on wood (even if you are a beginner) is spectacular – it gives me a sense of delight and accomplishment!
Jean from USA

The lessons were great! They were really fun, great exercise, and I will definitely be continuing to learn from you. Thanks for putting them up online! Have a great day!
By: Kathryn form usa

I am very pleased with your course and your teaching methods. I have never tapped before or had any dance instruction for that matter. Dancing has always been a passion and tap something I always wanted to learn. I am on lesson 6 of the beginner series and I do the Tap workout video. I love it and I look forward to the intermediate series when it is available.
By: Janine form the USA

I appreciate your instruction style, its easy to follow, comprehend and it’s fun! I’ve been tapping for 2 yrs. I started out taking tap classes at our local community college here in Sacramento, CA. My goal here in my early middle aged years and beyond is to seek out tap festivals to attend, (I’m an airline employee willing to travel), and join a tap group to perform with and have fun!
Best Regards,
By: Karen Witherspoon from USA

I purchased your Course and dictionary and I absolutely love it. It’s such a perfect idea because it’s concise, to the point, and very well organized. If I want to see a step I can just got right to it and being a teacher myself I appreciate your step by step teaching method. Everything worked great, it downloaded easily and has worked fine. Thanks for your products and best of luck in the future.
By: Maria from USA



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