Physical Benefits of Aerial Yoga

So what are the physical benefits of aerial yoga? Well, there are a lot. You’ll notice as well that physical benefits to this are vast, and there are a lot of great things it can do for you. This article […]

Tips to Begin Aerial Yoga

So what should you know before you begin aerial yoga? Well, there are a few things to truly make this better, and this article will discuss how to implement these tips, and some to definitely keep in mind. First, if […]

Precautions for Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga does have a few precautions to mention, because a lot f times, there are some things that aren’t noted, and because of that, it can actually be quite troublesome on the body. But, you’ll be able to keep […]

Popular Aerial Yoga Poses to Try

There are many aerial yoga poses to try out. This chapter will highlight some of the basic ones for you to begin with, and how you accomplish each of them. Cross shape The first is the cross shape, one of […]

FAQs about Aerial Yoga

You know almost everything there is to know about aerial yoga, but now, here are a few FAQs to read and understand. This chapter will give you an in-depth FAQ on everything you need to know about aerial yoga. Is […]

What is Aerial Yoga?

So what is aerial yoga? Well, aerial yoga is a bit more than hanging upside down on some silk hammock, it’s actually a valid yoga practice. It’s a yoga exercise though, and you’re not using direct yoga concentration. However, if […]

Pole dancing for beginners online

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Learn Line dance step by step online

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Vallenato dance style

History of Vallenato Vallenato is a musical genre originating from Colombia and more precisely from the Caribbean coast of this country, which will favor its diffusion in Panama and Venezuela. Traditionally, Vallenato is played with three instruments: the diatonic accordion, […]

Tango dance style

History of Tango Tango was born in Buenos Aires in the late nineteenth century, on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, in the popular neighborhoods of the Argentine capital. The society of the time, resulting from the European […]