Pole dance course (section2)

Pole Dancing for Beginners with Jennifer Kim


2 Step into Arch Back


2 Step into Booty Lift


Back Hook Spin

Backwards Shoulder Roll

Body Waves

Booty Pedals

Chair Spin

Cradle Spin

Double Stag Back Spin

Fan Kick on Pole

Fan Kick on the Floor

Fireman Spin

Figure 8s

Floor Swivel

Forearm Stand

Forward Shoulder Roll

Front Hook Spin

Goddess Up and Down

Half Pirouette Slide Down

Low Hand Pirouette Spin

Pole Walk


Sexy Crawl


Low Hand Pirouette

Sexy Pushup

Waitress Grip Pirouette


Sexy Stand (Away from Pole)

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

Combo 4

Combo 5