Pole dance course (section3)

Interview with Sergia Louise Anderson


Warm up


Intro to Barre Work


Port De Bras (Movement of the arms)


Tendu Devant (To stretch forward)


Tendus En Croix ( To stretch in the shape of a cross)


Rond De Jambe a Terre (Circular Movement of the Legs on the floor)


Demi-Plie (Half Bend of the knees)


Releve (Elevated onto a Demi-Pointe coming from a Demi-Pile)


Passe (To pass)


Développe (To develop)


Center work (Pique)


Pas De Bourree


Chaines Turn

Ball Change





 Classic Jazz Center Combo


Replace Step


Floor Rolling




Fouette Saute


Fouette En Tournant




Pole Work (Drag Turn)


Combo 1


Combo 2


Combo 3


Combo 4