Sexy dance moves at the club – For Women

With our 3 free video tutorials, you will learn 3 sexy club dance moves for women.

These moves are from this course (Club dance moves for women). You can learn this moves and use it at any party or dance club.

1st Video: Club move- The Push step

This step is called the push step,
it works great with both slow and fast songs, and especially dance tracks. just watch the video to learn more about this dance move.


Video 2: Hips Figure Eight – Sexy Dance Move

This dance move is really similar to the hip hits, except this one is a little bit smoother and it’s a little bit more rounded. what you gonna do is you gonna pretend you’re in a square room and you gonna imagine your hips are hitting each side of the room, starting with your right hips heading to the front then to the back and you left side to the back again

this video shows exactly how to do it. So just follow and try to do the same as you watch.


Video 3: “Rocking” Dancing Moves For Women

Rocking dance moves for ladies will very add a great deal of flare and magnificence to your performing arts. This move entails rocking back and forward to the beat – but there square measure incalculable of variations you’ll be able to do along with your styling, twisting of the body and rhythm. Get all the main points within the video lesson below (club dance moves for women)


Tips to Have a sexy dance move: (club dance moves for women)

1-Keep your knee and elbow joins loose, in order that you do not look too stiff after you move.

2-Vary the rhythms you employ within the moves on top of – this may create your dance a lot of unpredictable and exciting.

3-Keep the movements on the brink of your spine. you do not wish to create the dance too massive, that it starts trying choreographed or forced. The secret’s to stay everything groovy, and simple going.

What to wear for a comfortable dance?

If you’re not sure of your ability to survive in uncomfortable clothes, here’s what we recommend:

-Flat shoes (It allows you to keep you movement light and sharp)

-A skirt or jeans, but not necessarily slim (It can turn hot quickly)

-A light t-shirt (knowing you’re going to sweat)

-A hat or a hairstyle that gives you a little face if you have long hair


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