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What Is Swing dance?

Swing describes a family of dances that were born to express the strong beat of jazz, blues, big band, and bop music. The forefathers of the modern East coast swing that you are learning in this Article are the Charleston and the Lindy hop. From these eight-count dances the jitterbug was born in the 1930s with a six-count basic. Swing as you are learning it in this text has a six-count basic that is

described as slow, slow, quick-quick; one (two), three (four), five-six; or side, step, rock-step. Swing is a spot dance, but don’t let that fool you, you’ll be doing a whole lot of moving around to the hopping beat!

When Did Swing Become Popular and When Is the Right Time to Swing?

The Charleston and Lindy were born in the 1920s, with the six-count jitterbug following in the mid1930s. As previously mentioned, swing gained an immense amount of exposure on the silver screen starting in the late 1930s. Swing received another boost from the soldiers, sailors, and officers of the United States Armed Forces as they took the swing dance from base to base and from base to hometown during the 1940s. From there, the ballrooms caught onto the craze led by the Arthur Murray studios; however, at this point the ballrooms took the opportunity to distill swing down to the bare essentials to make dance a possibility for the less-than-nimble-footed public. From there, swing became a permanent part of our culture.

Why Is Swing Danced?

Swing is danced as a physical manifestation of the energetic music by which it was inspired. For many, it is danced as a celebration of youth, as a return to their own youth, or as a representation of the energy and vivacity the dance requires in its full glory.

What Kind of Attire Should Be Worn?

There is no dress code or standard apparel for swing, so the rule of thumb is to dress appropriately for the venue you are attending. If you do choose to become involved in a local swing-dance club or group, you will probably immediately notice that a number of members or participants put a great deal of effort into vintage period dress, down to the zoot suits for the men and bobby socks and full-skirted dresses for the ladies. For many people this is almost as important to their experience as the dance itself.

Swing Dance Moves (Videos)

the Shorty George Swing Dance

the Triple Step Swing Dance

Double Time Swing

East Coast Swing


Swing Dance Tuck Turn with a Free Spin


important rules:

  • Ladies are always right! Ladies, put your weight on your left foot so you can be ready to start with your right. (This is what’s called your ready position.)
  • Guys always get what’s left. Guys, put your weight on your right foot so you can be ready to start with your left. (This is what’s called your ready position.)
  • All four connection points are used in the basics of the swing, but you can also do the basics with just connection point 1 (single-hand hold or two-hand hold), or just connection points 2, 3, and 4 (without 1).
  • The swing basic consists of six counts (slow, slow, rock-step) and is more important than any other step because it’s the one you’ll be repeating over and over and over.

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