How To Tap Dance Video Course – 8 Basic Tap Dance Steps

With these free mini videos, you will learn how to tap dance and go from a beginner to a professional tap dancer.

We will teach you in these following videos the most used beginner Tap dance steps in these days.

What is tap dance?

Tap dance is based on the arrangement of several basic steps that can be performed as slowly or as quickly as you wish.

Once your steps are mastered, you can learn and create tap dances and step combinations that can be creatively assembled on any tempo or rhythm.

Learn to dance the taps by memorizing the following movements as well as the classic arrangements of taps.

Some steps seem very close, like the “step” and the “touch”, the “stamp” and the stomp “, the” hop “and the” leap ”

Learn the basic tap moves

Tap Lesson #1: Toes & Heels

This first tap dance lesson shows you how to use toes and heels with the tap shoe.

It’s as you read exactly.  The front part of the foot named “toe” and the back part of it named “heel”.

These moves are very important to know before moving to other basic ones moving to the next video lessons.

Tap Lesson #2: Stamps & Stomps

Here is an awesome exercise demonstrating the difference between the Stamp and Stomp steps. These two Tap moves are extremely famous and are available in numerous blends. The stamp is the place you get your foot and press it into the floor and afterward changing your weight quickly.

The step anyway is the point at which you squeeze your foot into the floor yet without changing the weight. These 2 essential tap move steps are fundamentally the same as however you should see how they vary.

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Tap Lesson #3: The ‘Brush’


In this last exercise, you will take in the brush Tap move step. This is a more troublesome advance that requires more procedure so don’t stress in the event that you don’t escape. You need to lift off your foot and swing it from the back to the front making one single touch with the toe some portion of the tap shoe. As appeared in the video, you would prefer not to clear the floor in this move, however just make a solitary tapping point as you brush your foot. This move will enable you to grow better adjust as you should truly remain on one foot for an extended stretch of time.

Additional Tap moving Tips:

1. Purchase Tap move shoes:

 If you are not kidding about figuring out how to Tap move, you have to get the best possible shoes. It will accelerate your learning advancement and give you the genuine inclination immediately.

2. Master the Rhythm of your moves:

 Tap moving is a standout amongst the most rhythmical styles of move so you have to ensure you sharpen down the planning of each and every move you are learning. Without timing, your procedure won’t move forward.

3. Discover smoothness in your ankles: 

The key is to make moving look fun and simple. In this manner, it is vital that you don’t keep your lower legs and knees bolted up. You have to loosen up them and let them be free so as to tap move.

4. Practice frequently: 

Tap move steps require loads of adjusting and coordination. It isn’t the sort of move style you can get in a couple of hours. Rather plan normal practice to go over your moves in the event that you need to be great.

5. Relax Your Ankles:

Have you at any point thought about how proficient tap artists make each progression look totally perfect? The mystery lies in loosening up the lower legs. do whatever it takes not to abuse your lower legs keeping in mind the end goal to play out your means all the more rapidly. Ensure you try to loosen up your lower legs. Take a stab at utilizing your legs, beginning from the hips, constraining developments from the lower legs. Enable your legs to do basically everything, letting your feet simply take after along.

6. Slow Down: 

Many starting tap artists tend to hurry through advances, speeding through blends. Surging will make your means run together, mixing singular tap sounds into one. In the event that you end up skipping ventures of blends, back off. Creating clean tap sounds is substantially more engaging than messy speed tapping.

7. Lean Forward: 

One of the keys to tap moving is the situation of your weight. Both of your feet must be fit for being lifted at any minute, so your focal point of gravity needs to remain principally in the center. Take a stab at holding the greater part of your weight forward when moving, adjusting on the wads of your feet.

8. Keep the Rhythm: 

When you tap move, you are accomplishing more than moving to music…you are making music. Ensure you keep in time with the music you are moving to, rather than vieing for the lead. Make an effort not to escape with your own tap sounds. Tune in to the music and move so as to the beat. in the event that your tap sounds compliment the mood of the music, your gathering of people will be genuinely hypnotized.


We hope you appreciated this free beginner videos on tap dance moves. If you don’t mind leave a comment underneath if you enjoyed these recordings. To learn other move styles visit our online dance lessons page.

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