The Benefits of Salsa

It’s no secret that dancing (salsa) is an incredible way to have fun and get those endorphins running, therefore, brightening your day. It’s an excellent hobby that can transform your life and your daily outlook. Moreover, experts from top hospitals and research institutions attest that dancing is a terrific health-boosting, stress-reducing, energy-increasing, strength-improving and muscle-toning workout allowing you to use muscles you probably did not even know you had and improving your balance and coordination.

Without a solid origin, Salsa is like a bandit; an outlaw. It does not need to stay true to its roots and can branch out into many different styles. This allows people, professional dancers and beginners to move around freely without any inhibitions, making Salsa one of the most popular dances in the world, and one of the easiest and most exciting dances to learn.

What are the benefits of Salsa Dancing?

1. Salsa is healthy

Salsa is a fun full-body workout that uses all the core muscles in your leg, hips, and abs. Studies show that regular salsa dancing reduces stress, can lower your risk of coronary heart failure, reduce heart rate, decrease blood pressure and bad cholesterol, aid in weight loss, and help you strengthen your leg and pelvic bones, as well as increase your lower and upper body strength. Salsa dancing is also great for your skin. Because you sweat a lot, you will have to keep hydrating with water. Also, through sweating, your body also releases toxins helping your skin become clearer and suppler.

2. Salsa is sexy

Salsa is an extremely sultry and sensual dance with movements like hip thrusts, lifts, lots of holding and touching your partner. By learning the art of Salsa dance, you will learn to channel and express your sexy side which most people are embarrassed to show. Salsa is a fun and safe channel to explore your sensuality without the fear of being judged. Also, Salsa dancing for an hour burns approximately 420 (or more) calories per hour, leaving you with not only feeling sexy on the inside but also looking sexy on the outside.

3. Salsa is friendly

Other dance forms like hip-hop or ballet can be done solo. Salsa, on the other hand, is an exceedingly social activity. It is very conducive to making and keeping friends. First of all, you can’t dance the Salsa by your self. When you sign up for salsa classes or go to salsa dance clubs, you are sure to meet a lot of fiery, outgoing and fun people who share the same passion for salsa. Whether you are looking for a hot date or just interested in meeting sexy new friends, salsa is your ticket.

4. Salsa is worldwide.

Salsa, being a hodgepodge of styles and being one of the most popular dance forms, is recognized and loved around the world. If you like to jet set to exotic new locations, you’ll likely find a Salsa club and form an instant connection with the locals even if you don’t understand each other’s languages.

5. Salsa is memorable.

Besides the obvious health benefits of salsa dancing, it also has mental benefits. During a study done in England, it was observed and proven that dancing significantly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in older people. And salsa dancing in particular, has been the most effective reducing the risk of loneliness, depression, and solitude, three factors that could lead to memory loss.

6. Salsa is passionate.

At Salsa’s very core is passion. And sadly, in long relationships, passion is almost always the first one to go. Salsa dancing helps rekindle the passion with your partner. After all, Salsa is a partner dance. It’s all about being a canvass and making your partner look good and pleasing your partner. It helps you connect with your partner.

Clearly, Salsa dancing is excellent for your holistic being mind, body, and soul. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start dancing!

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