What is Aerial Yoga?

So what is aerial yoga?

Well, aerial yoga is a bit more than hanging upside down on some silk hammock, it’s actually a valid yoga practice. It’s a yoga exercise though, and you’re not using direct yoga concentration. However, if you do want to practice meditation breathing while you do this, you’re more than welcome to.

It’s basically a variation of inversion yoga, which is where you do yoga and the poses, and you’ll hang upside down while doing so. It’s a bit different though, in that it combines a whole bunch of other different elements to it.


It originated in New York, but due to the popular demand of it, it’s now being used in many different areas, including various countries. It’s basically in exercise form a combination of traditional yoga, Pilates, and even dance in some ways. It’s also called anti-gravity yoga, and it definitely is a bit different from what you’re used to.

This, in turn, uses something called a hammock. Now, these hammocks, aren’t little flimsy things that will break easily, these things can support up to at least 300 kilograms. These often have riggings, that include chains, the hammock itself, a webbing strap and even some carabiners to help put this together. You’ll notice that with this as well that the chains will hang from the ceiling up to about one meter away from where the floor is, and the hammock is then connected at whatever height the user wants it.

The hammock in this sense is almost like a trapeze, and in turn it will support the hips whenever you bend backwards or forwards. Most of the yoga poses that you do are usually the ones that are hard to do on the ground, but on the hammock, it adds more variety, and it can really make a difference in your yoga workout.

So, the hammock is how you hold yourself, and it’s pretty amazing that it can do all of this. Typically, going to classes is a great way to get started with this, since it’s often a bit of a different feeling than what you’re used to.

What you will notice as well is that you will be able to stretch yourself further. The fabric will hold your body, and it will allow it to actually work against the gravity you typically feel, allowing for deeper, better stretches, and you’ll also be upside down, which can do a lot for you as well. There are a lot of benefits to aerial yoga, which you can see in this article (The Mental benefits of aerial yoga) (The Physical benefits of aerial yoga)

A Crazy Combination

Did you know though, that aerial yoga is actually a combination of many different yoga practices, such as hatha yoga, Pilates, holistic medicine, and Ayurveda, with also the addition of various uses to help with anatomy and physiology practices? This is something that you should definitely consider, since it actually will mix together all of these, combined with traditional yoga and aerobics, and this will give you a full body workout. This is very challenging, but it’s also fun.

Its modern form was developed by a gymnast named Chris Harrison, and it’s got a whole bunch of benefits, and it often relies on something called” theory of counter gravity.” You’ll also notice that many can practice this and move in every direction, and it can also help with depending the overall practice of yoga.


So yes, you can use traditional yoga practices with this, such as breathing and mindfulness. In fact, when you’re holding a pose, you can even pay mind to the way your body feels, the stretching of the ligaments, and if you’re mindful of this, it can help to improve your ability to stretch your body, and it will in turn allow for the body to get a deeper, better stretch, and it will also allow for the person to experience mindfulness as well, and in turn be at a better peace with yourself.

With the classes, you’ll be focusing more on the poses of aerial yoga, but if you’re at home and practicing this on your own, chances are, you can take your time to truly understand the body with this, allowing for yourself to build a better connection and a better result from this as well.

Theory of Counter-Gravity

You saw earlier that it was touched upon, but what exactly is the theory of counter gravity? Well, we have gravity all around us, right? It’s always there, and we do use it to stay on this planet. But, did you know that gravity actually can stress the body, simply because it is pushing the body down all the time? That pressure is always there, and it ends up ruining the person’s body in a very quiet means. This pressure starts to cause compression of the spine, and also muscle tension as well. But, with anti-gravity yoga, or aerial yoga, it actually can reverse the effects of gravity by helping to decompress the spine, reducing the muscle tension that is there, and also improving the blood circulation as well.

Aerial yoga has a lot of great ways to help improve your body alignment and awareness as well. It’s a form of yoga that will most definitely help, and if you’ve been considering getting into it, now is the time. With classes springing up all over the place, even locally where you live, it’s now a great time to start trying this, and even if it’s not for you, a trial session is still a ton of fun, and it definitely wouldn’t hurt, that’s for sure.

This Article discussed exactly what aerial yoga is, and while there are a lot of great benefits to it, understanding what it can do to the body can definitely help with getting into the practice of it, and using it to help yourself.

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