What You Need to Begin Aerial Yoga?

So what do you need to have before you being aerial yoga? Well, there are a few things that will help. There are some items that will make your experience with aerial yoga much easier, and we will discuss a couple of the important items to have.

A good Rig

Now, you will first want to make sure that you have a good hammock rigged up. If you don’t know what you should get already, then definitely make sure that you do go to a class and see someone that can help you get the right one.

You should make sure that it’s set up correct, and get the hammock from a reputable person. Ideally, if you begin to notice that the hammock is starting to slip and tear, you should replace it. With this as well, it’s important to make sure that you get one that’s professional-grade, since you don’t want an off-brand one that could end up hurting you. It’s important that you have this, since it is quite an important part of it.


Clothing is a big part of this. Instead of wearing clothes that are short and don’t cover much, as in the case of pole dancing since you need the skin to grip, aerial yoga encourages you to wear clothing that’s fitted to the body. Baggy clothing ends up getting caught on the hammock itself, and it can end up chafing the skin too.

Not only do you want it fitted though, you want it to cover certain areas. That doesn’t mean you should be fully covered from head to toe, but enough coverage to prevent chafing and help with the movement on the slings is definitely a big part of it. These tend to snag and tear, so it’s best that you make sure that your clothing is free from these extra embellishments since the chafing is never fun, and that can end up getting caught.

Ideally, the ideal clothing to wear is to have something that is fitted, such as those full-length yoga pants and leggings, along with shirts that do cover the armpits, the best way to determine whether or not something should be worn, is think if you’d wear it while doing yoga. If the answer is yes, it should be fine for aerial yoga.


You want to have water. Water is a very important part of this, because it’ll keep you refreshed, hydrated, and happy. Plus, you’re working out, and whether you like it or not, you’re going to get dehydrated. With water, you’ll be able to replenish everything that you’ve lost, and you’ll definitely feel much better as well.

It’s important that you don’t have any sorts of acidic foods beforehand, especially soft drinks. This is actually not good for the stomach, since it can cause cramping and make the stomach more than it needs to, since it definitely isn’t helpful. Plus, it will give you a serious crash later on, that’s often not fun to deal with, so if you know what’s good for you, and you want to do well with this without getting nauseated, you should make sure that you drink water, and avoid this.

Sea Band

This is an optional addition if you do tend to feel nauseous a lot. For some, beginning with aerial yoga can do a number on the stomach, so it might be best to get one of those acupressure wristbands, or often called sea-bands to help with the relief. It definitely is a nice addition, and while it might not be mandatory, does help if you feel queasy.

Finally, consider complimenting it with some yoga mat practice, and maybe even some music for meditation. By doing this, you’ll be able to be fully ready for yoga, and in turn, you’ll be able to do a whole lot more with this than you ever thought possible. Yoga is fun, and aerial yoga is a blast, just make sure that when you do this, you’re not trying to go in without a little bit of help, and instead consult this list before you begin your next action.

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